Consultant Salary Survey

We are the class leader in consulting compensation metrics and our client list includes 85 percent of the world’s largest management consulting firms. Our clients benefit from a cutting-edge research methodology (that includes only the customer’s optimum competitor group to maximise the value of benchmarking), best-in-class data capture methods, a confidential service, and bespoke solutions with exceptional client liaison and overall standards of service. We also own nearly 20 years of salary data and trends to underpin our research.

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The Consultant Salary Survey

Our Consultant Salary Surveys cover a range of major topics together with optimised competitor selection and statistical analysis of data.

For competitor selection we ensure that our comparator groups are tailored precisely to your firm, ensuring that data is as relevant as possible. We also present our raw data in an anonymised form but to a level of detail that creates an understanding of differentials between firms. This allows you to access data for your own analysis where required, offering significant additional value.

Further analyses include changes to salaries and bonuses by role, plus data on bonus percentages (both real and target). We include details on promotion timelines to help identify where ‘fast track’ practices may be distorting salary positioning.


Value-add data sets

Because our reports are dynamic and client-led, we also present information on the latest ‘hot topics’ in recruitment. These are regularly revised and updated in line with client requests. Currently, these include attributes such as preferred universities and business schools for consultant recruitment; internships; practices related to tuition reimbursement; approaches to sign-on bonuses; and overtime payments.

We also include data on the starting salaries of analysts and MBA hires.

In addition to providing a report rich in data and presented in a way that facilitates onward briefing, we provide you with the full data set in an Excel workbook, making it easily accessible and usable for any further local analysis. This comprises several worksheets’ worth of raw data, covering salaries and bonuses, for base, target and expected levels. In line with our delivery ethos, we ensure that our reports provide the information needed to facilitate rapid and educated business decision making.

Our Consultant Salary Survey is often purchased as a companion to our Consultant Benefits Survey, and we offer discounts on multiple survey purchases. We also provide additional data analysis upon request, including remuneration timeline reports and market positioning studies, in addition to analysis of Family Friendly Working Policies. Every report is detailed, easy to read and provides an instant ‘road map’ for action.